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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours Iis a brand of Archie’s Travel Services engaged in promotion of Tourism in and around Varanasi for more than a decade now. Its an allied member of IATO.
We are not a typical tour company , We are passionate about tourism and we care and work according to the requirement of individuals and thus have created this Brand to exclusively cater the needs of Pilgrims/Tourists who wish to travel to the wonderful and historical Buddhist sites in UP and Bihar which are associated with life of Buddha. All our itineraries can be combined with other tourist destinations /itineraries in India, Nepal
According to Lord Buddha’s Mahaparnirvana Sutta,delivered by him in Kushinagar ; The four main destinations associated with his life are Lumbini –in Nepal where he was born, Bodhgaya- where he was enlightened, Sarnath- Where he delivered his first sermon and Kushinagar- where he passed away
We invite you to experience the foot steps of Buddha with us .